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October 9, 2011 / archivalerie

“Support your Radical Militant Librarian” is not just a tshirt or tote bag logo

I realize how much I fail at keeping my blog apolitical, but it’s difficult to ignore what’s going on lately. I’m fortunate enough to be employed (albeit not full-time or in an archive or library) during my “gap year,” but many of my graduating class and the years prior are not. Even the most optimistic and cheerful among us  feel the crushing weight of student loans, the doubt that maybe we have become as “obsolete” as the media portrays us.

So, when I read about the People’s Library at Occupy Wall Street, I remembered why I wanted to get into archives and librarianship in the first place. So many voices remain unheard in history and it is important for them to be discovered and heard, especially as history is happening. Librarians, we are still needed, if not more than ever. I felt a warm fuzzy feeling when I read about the donated materials and clamor of librarians who wanted to help catalog and circulate the word among the protesters.

I still have hope, albeit not the type that others use to win elections. A friend of mine and I will drop by #occupyboston and drop off some things from the supply list on their wiki. I also hope to meet up with members of the Simmons chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild.


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